Kenya: Travel

Kenya: Travel

Our Journey Path

Our journey starts in Hell’s Gate National Park, before heading into the tribal lands of the North. After tracking lions in Laikipia, we take in the majestic view of the Rift Valley, and then go on safari in the Masai Mara. We then visit the capital Nairobi, before heading to the coast where we end our journey in the exotic Arab port of Lamu.

On The Road


If you are travelling alone in Kenya, why don’t you do as the locals do and hitch, it’s relatively safe, but make sure you keep your wits about you, and make sure you negotiate a price at the beginning, because you might not be in for a free ride.

By matatus

The Matatus is a baby coach, the only form of public transport in the north of Kenya. Not quite like the luxury coaches from the west, but it is multi-coloured, so it’s Kenya’s own magic bus.

By plane

With such difficult terrain and such vast distances to cover, Kenyans are rarely far from an airstrip, however makeshift they may be. It’s well worth taking at least one internal flight as Kenya is a place you need to see from the sky, especially around the National Parks.

We recommended travelling with:
To Kenya:

Kenya Airways 

Domestic Flights around Kenya:

Air Kenya 

Travel tip

African Quest
We Recommend travelling with African Quest who invite you to utilize combined experience of over 35 years in planning safaris and go on an exhilarating trip for an African adventure.

Main image: Hell’s Gate Evening Sun, Robbert van der Steeg, Flickr Creative Commons

By Electra Gilles

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