New DVD Releases

Brand new titles available now from the Globe Trekker Store. Explore the history of the Ottomans in Europe and take a trip to Burma with Globe Trekker's Megan McCormick.

New DVD Releases

3D-Sleeve-Ottomans-&-ChristiansOttomans versus Christians – Battle for the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean may be a beautiful tourist destination today but in the 16th Century it was the central arena for an almighty power struggle between Christian Europe and the formidable Muslim Ottoman Empire that lasted for over four centuries.

In this 6-part series, Ottomans versus Christians: Battle for the Mediterranean, presenter Julian Davidson takes us on an incredible journey across the Mediterranean and back in time to a world of magnificent galleys laden with riches, merciless pirates who prowled the waters, and spectacular battles and bloodied acts of treachery and revenge. Our journey takes us to some of the most extraordinary destinations in the Mediterranean to relive some the most dramatic and critical moments of this legendary clash of civilizations and experience its rich and varied legacy.

Globe Trekker – Myanmar3D-Sleeve-GT-Myanmar

Join Megan McCormick in Myanmar (Burma) which has now risen to the top of many travelĀ  lists. A warm and welcoming country full of ancient Buddhist temples, stunning scenery and whose people have been ruled until recently by a notoriously repressive military government.

Megan starts her journey in Yangon, then visits popular Inle Lake. She takes a bumpy train journey to Mandalay and Bagan which was once capital of the Kingdom that fully integrated Buddhism into the country.

Leaving Mandalay, Megan heads far from the main tourist destinations and into the Chin State. Megan then heads to Rakhine State where, after a brief visit to the town of Thandwe, she reaches her final stop and the ultimate beach destination, Ngapali Beach.



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