November Global Festivities

What's on in November, you ask? Plenty! But here's a few of our favourite festivals and happenings from around the globe - November world events

November Global Festivities

There’s never a better time to go in search of inspirational sights, spiritual celebrations and animal antics than in November.

Bonfire Night - Globe Trekker

First up it’s the 5th of November, Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, named after one of the Catholic conspirators who tried to blow up the king and Houses of Parliament in sixteenth century London. It is one of England’s biggest festivals.


The Burning Barrels festival takes place in the town of Ottery St. Mary, Devon, where locals have their own unique take on celebrations: char barrel throwing.

In this bizarre display of heroic stupidity, men (and women too) run around the town with burning barrels on their backs and thousands of onlookers dodge the flames.

Tar Barrels Intermediate 2009


Among other colourful festivities around the world, we have a soft spot for the Surin Elephant roundup.

Also, the sacred Rajasthani town of Pushkar hosts the Camel Fair where people come from all over India to parade, race and barter their animals and get stuck into the complicated buying process.

Here’s a nice blog on the event by Jenny at A Taste of Travel.


A Taste of Travel Camel Fair


Importantly, Cayman IslandsPirates Week festival is unmissable because really, who doesn’t want to go to an event where you can live it up while dressed as a pirate?!

pirates week


And of course, treasured November world events celebrations include Remembrance Day (November 11); and Thanksgiving – United States style – at the end of the month.



Discover more November highlights in our special Globe Guide, dedicated the the eleventh month



Images: Ottery St Mary Carnival, A Taste of Travel, Cayman Islands Pirate Festival.



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