On the Rodeo: How to dress like a Rhinestone Cowboy

The near legendary King’s is the best store in the west to get kitted out in the right gear for ranches and rodeos.

Shopping Essentials

Where: King’s Saddlery and King’s Rope Clothing, Sheridan, Wyoming, USA.
What’s in store: Lassos, professional cowboy gear and world class saddles, as well as meeting real life cowboys.
Bag a bargain: A lasso is a cheaper and memorable souvenir.


Where it’s at

When you are in cowboy country, you’ve got to look the part. The near legendary King’s is the best store in the west to get kitted out in the right gear for ranches and rodeos.

The twin stores of King’s Saddlery (saddlemakers) and King’s Rope (clothing merchants) are situated on Main St, Sheridan, Wyoming. The air is filled with the smell of new leather, and Dude’s (wannabe cowboys) and the real McCoy’s test out lasso ropes filing the air with the whip of tar.

What’s in Store

Leather caps, chinks, belts, poker chip racks and saddles are all on offer, and King’s Saddlery is rated by critics as on of the world greatest.

It’s a family store owned by 70 something Don King. His unique designs and styles learned while as a saddlemaker apprentice is now known as the Sheridan style with exuberant yet controlled design, often with garlands of wild roses intricately carved into the leather drawn from the local tradition of floral tooling. King’s customs saddles, now hand crafted by Don’s son, John, can reach upwards of $4,000 a piece. Dong King is now honoured as a living treasure of American Folk Art. The family’s leather works can be seen in as high profile households as Her Majesty the Queen of England and Bill Clinton.



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