Rapelling in the Judean Desert and Jordan

Rapelling in the Judean Desert and Jordan

Trek Essentials

What to bring: A decent guide and heavy duty specialist rock climbing gear
Best Season: Spring – Summer
Top Sights: Ancient fortress and pre-civilization rock faces
Watch out for: The big drop – don’t look down!

Desert tourism is taking off in Israel’s Judean Desert, and if you like the idea of stepping backwards off a cliff, then this is the perfect place to try a two day beginners course on rappelling, dropping straight into the thin air of Israel’s most spectacular canyons.

The Dead Sea and the Judean Desert are popular tourist destinations for outdoor activities, from Desert tours, rapelling, and trekking in wads, seasonal dry river beds. There’s plenty of sites to uncover in the dry Desert, like the fortress of Masada and the fortress of Herodian built on the Herodian volcano and Rachel’s Tomb, 5 miles south of Jerusalem, the only Matriarch not to be buried in Hebron. Parts of the desert still remain very isolated and the communities are not modernized, still harvesting crops with a sickle.

The nearby Grand Canyon in Jordan is a fantastic site to visit for swimming and flora and fauna, rapelling is unavoidable to conquer the mountains. The Wadi Mujib Gorge trail can be visited in small numbers with a guide. It’s a perfect place to swim in deliciously cool pool and sparkling waterfalls as an oasis from the oppressive desert. The 15 metre Mujib Waterfall can be abseiled down the rocks nearby.

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