The Rio beach snack

The Rio beach snack

Food Facts

Where:Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Snacks: Shrimp tarts, grilled prawns, oysters washed down with refreshing coconut water
Serving suggestion: Lie back on the beach, soak in the rays and wait for delicious foods from the comfort of your deckchair

Where It’s At

Rio de Janeiro is renowned as the playground of South America and the beach is the centre of the Carioca (the nickname for Rio’s inhabitants) social scene – so much so that it’s a wonder any work gets done in Rio at all! If strutting up the beach in an isty bitsy bikini, taking part in a volleyball game or chucking yourself under waves all seems like too much effort, chances are you’ll more than appreciate the vast numbers of beach vendors hawking their wares to you from the comfort of you deckchair.

Foods In Store

From midday onwards there’s a huge variety and mind-boggling range of food on offer. Seafood treats are very popular, you can choose from buttery pastry tarts filled with shrimpgrilled prawns on skewers or even oysters – all very keenly priced so you can eat like a king for very little! Even the Brazilian equivalent of McDonalds, Bob’s Burgers, will come and take your order and deliver it to your beach abode. To wash all that delicious brazilian food down there are stalls at 150 ft intervals along the beach selling delicious chilled coconut water, straight out of a coconut with the top lopped off to pop in a straw. When you’ve finished your drink ask the vendor to open up the coconut and break off a ‘scooper’ so you can eat the coconut jelly inside.

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By Kate Griffiths

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