Ruins and Relaxation: Tulum Beach

Ruins and Relaxation: Tulum Beach

Beach Essentials

Where: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
When: January
Happenings: Explore ancient ruins or stay in a cabana hut
Remember to bring: Mosquito net

Tulum is located on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, close to Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Golden sands and clear blue waters of the Caribbean make it a perfect spot for pleasure seeking beach lovers. The beach is also a stunning backdrop for the ruins of the ancient city of Tulum, built by the Mayans between the 11th and 15th centuries.

Climate image: map

The best time to visit the Yucatan Coast is between November and March, when average high temperatures range from 82 and 89 ºF. The rainy season is from August to October.

Things to See and Do

Explore the ancient Mayan ruins

Tulum means ‘wall’, a name given to the site relatively recently because there is a wall surrounding it. In ancient times it was known as Zama, meaning the City of the Dawn. The Mayan civilisation was already in decline when the city was founded, yet it remained inhabited until after the Spanish conquest. The ruins, which include a watch tower looking out over the Caribbean, several elaborate temples and a Great Palace, are open daily.

Stay in a cabana on the beach

Rent a cabana, and let the Caribbean waves lull you to sleep. Some cabanas are very comfortable, some ramshackle. Cabanas Don Armandos is a 10 minute walk from the ruins and a has a distinctly rustic feel. Alternatively, hang your hammock in the open air, though a mosquito net is advisable.

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Tulum Coast
Photos of the Mexican beach.

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