Snowshoeing the Stubai Glacier

Trek Essentials

Where: 30 miles from Innsbruck, Tirol Province, Austria
Best Season: You can ski and participate in winter sports year round on the glacier, but the skiing is better during the winter season (November – February).
Remember to Bring: Snowgear, a warm hat and a really good pair of sunglasses to protect against glare.

Our Journey Path (as featured in Treks in a Wild World)

Our guide led us up the glacier with the cable car to the first station. From there we snowshoed for about 2 hours to visit an incredible ice crevace, a type of canyon in the ice of the glacier. From there we trekked on another 2 hours to take in a view of the surrounding Otztal Alps.


– Battling the unpredictability of the weather.
– Reaching the summit – the highlight of any mountain trek following an all-day journey.

Travellers Tips

Snowshoeing is a hardy sport recommended for those in good physical shape, as excellent endurance is required. You will definitely need good quality goggles because the sun is so bright snowblindness can result. You must also be prepared to navigate in white-out conditions with very limited or no visibility. Blizzards are unpredictable and can come out of nowhere. Remember that during these types of conditions it can be very easy to get lost or seriously hurt yourself. It is best to always go with a qualified guide who knows the routes and territory.

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