South Korea: Travel

By train

The capital, Seoul, boasts a great subway system that costs less than $1 US per ride.
Outside the capital the train system is split into four classes of excellent and efficient networks:
– The most expensive is the saemaeul expresstrains (inter-city fast trains that can sting a hole in your pocket)
– The next most expensive is the limitedmugunghwa limited express trains
– Next there are the non-air conditioned tongil trains (best bet for shoestring travellers)
– Lowest class are the the slowest and cheapestbidulgi trains.
Take your pick and enjoy the view.

By plane

The country’s main airline is Korean Air and it flies from most central hubs into Seoul. There is also an extensive and cheap internal flight network. For more information check the website –

By road

Renting a car is expensive in Korea so, unless you are on Jeju-do where it’s a better way to get around the island, it’s better to look into buses (which are frequent, cheap and go all over the place from the designated terminals that each city boasts) or taxis ( which are a lot more expensive – especially if you blow out on a deluxe taxi which will cost you a fortune).

By boat 

Travelling on the sea is slow, but can be an adventure. If you are up for a journey you can take the boat Orient Star II from Busan to Jeju-do in the South – or just go island hopping around the number of islands on Korea’s south coast. Check with the local tourist board for boat schedules.

By Iain Overton

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