Taste of the Spice Islands: St George’s market

Shopping Essentials

Where: St George, Grenada, Eastern Caribbean
What’s in Store: Weird and wonderful fruits and spices
Best Buy: Nutmeg or local rum make a great gift

Where It’s At

Grenada was discovered by Columbus in 1498 when it was inhabited by Caribs and Arawaks, the native Caribbean Indians. Since ruled by the English and the French, St. George, Grenada’s capital is thought to be the most beautiful colonial city in the whole Caribbean. It is certainly the liveliest place on the island. Grenada is known as the spice island because it produces one third of the worlds nutmeg as well as cloves, cinnamon and ginger which produce the distinctive flavour of the local rum. A visit to the central market is a great way to sample all of the exotic flavours of this island. It is a sort of museum to all the weird and wonderful fruits, vegetables and spices of Grenada.

Shopper’s Paradise

On a Saturday morning the market is full to bursting with a voluptous rainbow of colourful fruits and other delicious delights. You can buy coconut to drink from, crabs, soursop (fruit that look like spiky green hedgehogs) limes, okra, paw paw, carambola, callallo, french cashews, sugar apples (like little green hand greandes) guava jelly, umbrellas and of course spices. It is not a tame market, you will have beautiful swells thrust under your nose with shouts of “spices, spices, spices!” and exotic and unexpectant shaped fruits – squat bananas and chubby cucumbers, and goolish green grapefruits to feast your eyes and stomach on.

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