Trekking the formidable Pacaya Volcano

Trekking the formidable Pacaya Volcano

Pacaya Volcano – Guatemala

Trek Essentials

Where: Near Antigua, Guatemala, Central America
Best sights: Glowing boulders and spitting lava
Remember to bring: A guide and protection for feet, arms & legs
Watch out for: Red hot lava rocks

Guatemala is a country of volcanoes and just an hour south of Antigua is one of the most active, the formidable Pacaya.

It takes about an hour and a half to climb to the plateau, and a further 45 minutes to reach the comb, just below the point from which the eruptions issue forth. It’s an awesome sight, watching from a distance as this vast volcanic beast spitting out glowing boulders and lava.

Trekker’s Tips

If you’re planning a hike up an active volcano, go with a guide who knows the area. They’ll ensure you don’t get too close to the explosive cone.

Every active volcano emits toxic gases. Check that the wind isn’t blowing them towards you, or you could be in danger of suffocation.

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