Viktualienmarkt, Munich

Germany's markets are quieter than the French and have an orderly, immaculate glow that in no way makes them less tempting.

Shopping Essentials

Where: Munich, Germany
What’s in Store: Numerous sausages and miniature pyramids of colourful vegetables under a blue and white canopy
Go there for: 
An early traditional breakfast or a later beer


The immaculate, picturesque daily Viktualien market has been held in Munich city centre since 1807.

Foods in Store

Germany’s markets are quieter than the French and have an orderly, immaculate glow that in no way makes them less tempting. In Vikutalienmarkt you can find an array of fruits and vegetables, breads and cheeses, flowers and herbs, honey ladled out of hive-shaped vats, meats, poultry, game fresh and smoked fish, and most typically, ropes and garlands of the famed Bavarian wursts – the typical big German sausage like the snowy veal Weisswurste which is steamed, coarser pork bratwurst that is fried, as its name implies, red and spicy, long thin Polnischers, and the pungent, rough-textured Regensburger, to name only a few.

Pyramids of giant white radishes, sturdy orange-red carrots, and waxy white and green leeks, globes of red, green, and white cabbage, turnips from small, violet tinged globes to giant golden rutabagas and potatoes in all shapes and sizes are the standards of Munich’s popular market. Some of the wares are sold outdoors under umbrellas and canopies, many sporting the Bavarian state colours: blue and white. In winter, transparent plastic panels protect those stalls from the elements. As tents become misted with steam on the inside, they take on a dreamy, underwater quality.

Drink in the Atmosphere

Market workers and early shoppers breakfast at the many beer taverns, or Brauhaus, rimming the marketplace to quaff powerful Munchener Weissbier, Munich white beer . They sip as they wait for liver dumplings in broth, eggs scrambled with wurst and potatoes, or Beinfleisch, the beloved local boiled beef.

This market is quite pricey, so you are better off doing your shopping in any of the other smaller markets in the city, then coming here for that something you can’t find anywhere else. Definitely an essential visit.



Steve Purcell’s Viktualienmarkt photo gallery 
Excellent atmospheric photos of the lively market

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