Vinotherapy – the Glass of Wine Cure

Vinotherapy - the Glass of Wine Cure

Christina La Monica enjoys a good soak

The world’s only wine spa, Les Sources de Caudalie, is in the Bordeaux region, deep in the heart of the wine growing countryside at the 14th century Chateau Smith Haut-Lafitte.

It is believed that wine beautifies you, and grape seed products like creams, oils and red wine marc (the residue left over after grape pressing) is a fantastic nutrient for the skin. This new fangled art is known as Vinotherapy.

Les Sources de Caudalie Vinotherapy resort emphasises luxury and pampering. Bathing in a barrel bath of natural hot spring water and the foam of grape seed extracts is the most popular treatment, as it weeds the free radicals from your body. Or you could get all hot and sticky in honey and wine body wraps. The spar offers three types of cures: anti-ageing, slimming and relaxation (where you can eat and drink as much as you like!) You can also enjoy swimming, jogging and walks in the pretty region.

Vinotherapy came about when professor Joseph Vercauteren saw that the most nutrition part of the grape, the skin, flesh and seed, was being thrown away. He scientifically proved that the tannins in grape seeds act as antioxidants. They protect against the free radicals like pollution, cigarette smoke and the sun which ages the skin. The spa produces its own anti-aging creams used by top glamour pussies like Caroline of Monaco and Catherine Deneuve.

The wine of Chateau Smith Haut Laffite is renowned by wine experts as a particularly fine vintage. At the spa’s restaurants, low fat but delicious foods are served in a 19th century lavoir where the grape pickers would have washed their clothes. And you can expect the finest wine with every meal!

You can chose from one day treatments to longer stays. Prices start from around $400 for a two-night weekend package with four treatments.

By Susi O’Neill

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