Volcano Treks: Mt Rinjani, Indonesia

Volcano Treks: Mt Rinjani, Indonesia

Trek Essentials

Best Season: Dry Season (June – Sept.)
Best Sights: Flying saucer shaped clouds and spectacular wildlife
Remember to Bring: Prayer mat and altitude sickness precautions
Watch out For: Don’t mess with the Apes!

Where It’s At

The trek up Mt Rinjani is not to be taken lightly; it’s the third highest mountain in Indonesia standing at around 13,000ft and takes a full day to reach the rim of the crater lake just below the summit.

Things to See and Do

– Lenticular clouds hang over Rinjani, shaped as a flying saucer they form in really high wind speeds above peaks and create a spectacular drape on the mean volcano.

– Mount Rinjani was created from a volcano, the crater being filled by Lake Segara Anak which has bred its own mini baby volcano, only ten years old, which emits vapour at times.

– People of all religions cometo Rinjani to pray and meditate. It’s an amazing site of beautiful lakes and a tranquil view of the nearby islands.

– The climate of Mount Rinjani, situated in Rinjani National Park, is tropical with abundant wildlife. The environment includes stunning mountain scenery, highland lakes, hot water springs and waterfalls.

– You can either descend deep into the heart of the crater, or climb to the mountain’s summit. In the sulphur mud pools exist the earth’s first organisms – bacteria which produce carbon dioxide.

– The mountains are populated with packs of apes so climber should be cautious.

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Main Image: Puncak gunung Rinjani, Trekking Rinjani, Flickr Creative Commons

By Susi O’Neill

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