Watch Globe Trekker Everywhere

Whether you're after travel advice, a quick fix of your favourite show or inspiration to plan your next adventure, watch Globe Trekker on demand, everywhere

Watch Globe Trekker Everywhere

You can now watch all your favourite episodes online, as well as experience special features and bonus extras, simply by signing in to your preferred digital service.

Here’s where to go:



play-sm YouTube subscriptions (GlobeTrekker.TV)

Sign up so that the Globe Trekker world is at your fingertips. Why subscribe? You’ll have the opportunity to watch special episodes and out-takes, as well as experience hours of Globe Trekker. This channel is regularly updated with new material; You’ll forever be able to get your travel fix here. 


Roku sm

play-sm Roku (GlobeTrekker.TV)

Enables subscribers to have instant access to view a large selection of Globe Trekker episodes for a small monthly subscription fee. Globe Trekker.TV also features events, behind-the-scenes footage and music from the series. There are new episodes added every month too.


play-sm YouTube rentals (PilotGuides)

Choose the titles you want to watch for a small on-demand fee. Hundreds of Globe Trekker favourites to browse through. This channel also features exclusive behind-the-scenes footagetrailers, and show-reels by Globe Trekker TV presenters.


play-sm YouTube shorts (Globe Trekker shorts)

Subscribe for free now and enjoy a new clip every day from the Globe Trekker and Pilot Productions collection.




vod_full_lockup sm

play-sm Vimeo on-demand (Globe Trekker)

Rent or buy shows from just $2.99!


itunes-logo sm

play-sm iTunes

Here you can buy Globe Trekker, The Ultimate Collection


Amazon sm

play-sm Amazon Instant Video

There are over 150 titles available digitally to rent or buy from Amazon Instant Video in the US!


Would you like more information on where you can watch, access or purchase Globe Trekker? Feel free to contact us for details.



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