Travel in the COVID-Zone

Travel in the COVID-Zone
September 24, 2020

New restrictions for British public

The UK government has this week announced a new curfew on hospitality venues whereby they must close at 10pm. This new rule follows restrictions placed last week on the size of gathering, reducing the maximum number allowed in a group to six.

According to reports, police call handlers have been experiencing a very high volume of six-people violation reports. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also stated that he is considering using the armed forces to support the police in enforcing new restrictions.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, pubs serving alcohol without food have been allowed to reopen for the first time since March.

Quantas sightseeing flight sells out in record time

It’s nice to share some positive aviation news this week after such a tough year.

Phobic Traveller: Getting Aviation Off The Ground

For a bit of novelty and fun for some, Australian flag carrier airline Quantas cunningly put on a flight which departs and arrives at Sydney and completes a 7 hour round trip of some of Australia’s most naturally stunning sights – from the sky!

The so-called Great Southern Land flight sold out in just 10 minutes, with ticket prices ranging from $787 for economy seats to $3,787 for business class seats (AUD).

Travel within Australia is largely prohibited at the moment, meaning that many have not been able to see the multiple incredible sights that the nation has to offer. The due to its sky-high nature, the flight circumvents the border restrictions and will allow those who choose the opportunity to appreciate the views!

Due to the popularity of the flight, Quantas have suggested that they might run more similar events.

A very quiet Taj Mahal

The world witnessed scenes of a very quiet Taj Mahal this week after it reopened for the first time since March. The absence of foreign visitors made for a very eerie atmosphere in a venue which welcomed more than 6.5 million visitors in 2018!

More Coronavirus News & Statistics

  • More than 600 students of Glasgow University have been told to self-isolate after 124 have tested positive
  • A handful of Dutch celebrities have been heavily criticised in the Netherlands after publicly announcing they were abandoning efforts to combat COVID-19.
  • Worldometers: Up to date Coronavirus statistics

Main image: The De Beauvoir Arms, De Beauvoir Town, London. Ewan Munro, Flickr Creative Commons