3 Reasons to Love Autumn

3 Reasons to Love Autumn

By Kaz Bosali

In the UK, where we’re based, the first signs of Autumn are showing. The beautiful things about the seasonal change are the golden hues, the conkers and leaves covering the ground. The following are 3 reasons to love Autumn:

Hot drinks

As people start to retreat indoors, cool drinks and iced teas are replaced with hot beverages. The warmth from a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate just adds a bit of sparkle to the simple pleasures; whether reading a book or sitting on a bench taking in the scenery.

There are a million and one ways to enjoy coffee, a much loved beverage. Have a read of our study guide, ‘A Global Guide To Coffee Tasting’ here.

Fuzzy socks

Autumn is a time for cosy vibes, people start to wrap up. And nothing invokes the images more than warm fuzzy socks. Comfortable, fun, and homey, everyone embraces fuzzy socks during this time!


It’s starting to get cold outside and the kitchen becomes the nucleus of the household again. Roast dinners, baking, and pies marks the start of this season. Have a read of our hearty soups here.