Globe Trekker Top 10 of 2015

Globe Trekker Top 10 of 2015

It’s a brand new year and you know what that means… plenty of amazing destinations to dream about and explore! At Globe Trekker HQ we’ve put our heads together to compile a list of ten places we believe are worth adding to your bucket lists in 2015.


The Globe Trekker top 10 of 2015 locations to get excited about! 



For its colour, music and vibe; now is the time to visit this interesting spot, the largest of all islands in the Caribbean.


It’s a value-for-money destination brimming with culture and extraordinary experience options.


Greece is back, and this wonderful island is full of sights, tastes and sounds that simply make all travellers swoon with delight.


An undiscovered paradise; so sublime, you have to see it to believe it.


An under-rated corner of Europe; interesting, historical and enchanting.

Globe Trekker top 10 2015



A magical destination that never fails to win over the hearts of those who travel there.


Fascinating for all travellers, Tunisia comes complete with ancient history, interesting people, bright bazaars and a truly multicultural blend of intrigue.


An amazing place to visit, and a land where, for the moment, it doesn’t seem quite as dangerous compared with other more turbulent parts of north and east Africa.


We love this city’s cool and historical vibe; one of our favourite American destinations boasting plenty to see, do and learn.

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Colourful and crazy (in all the right ways); Delhi is a must-do this year.

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Feature image: by Moyan Brenn, Iceland