Jonathan Atherton


Australian Jonathan Atherton has been described as a multicultural comedian. Jonathan has spent most of his life travelling making his first trip atJonathan Atherton the age of two, when he travelled with his father who was a foreign correspondent.

Jonathan toyed with journalism, then academia and has ended up combining his love of travel with his work as a comedian, actor and stage performer.

Jonathan has travelled extensively in Asia and Africa. He lived in Central Africa for two years teaching English and working as a safari guide in Uganda. He was initiated into Uganda’s largest tribe, the Baganda. In Asia, Jonathan lived in Thailand for two years and taught English inJapan for six months.

Multi-lingual Jonathan speaks German, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Lugandan and Swahili fluently and some Japanese, Lao, Hindi and several other African and Asian dialects. He has studied Linguistics, Anthropology and religion at the University of Queensland.