Steve Dunn


Steve DunnMy name is Steve Dunn. I was born and reared on Cape Breton Island, a rocky socket on the far east coast of Canada. I am the youngest of 7 children in an Irish Catholic family not unlike a Roddy Doyle novel.

Growing up in such an atmosphere, rife with sarcasm and wit, I apprenticed in humour at a young age. Breakfasts in our house took place with military precision to ensure that all made it to school on time. One of the family mottos was “first up, best dressed”. I generally slept late and was the runt of the litter to boot; as a consequence I would arrive at school in somewhat less fashionable clothes. Because of this, there soon evolved within me an unparalleled sarcastic defence mechanism, a porcupine’s quill of sorts. A trait that is still with me today.

I was an extremely average student throughout my academic life; however, for as long as I can remember, I excelled in geography. This is no coincidence, as I spent the greater part of my youth with my nose buried in a world atlas.

“What’s it look like in that purple country over there?” “What’s on that little dot in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean?” I could never quench my thirst for knowledge about the strange and wonderful places in my old Rand McNally World Atlas. When I’m not pointing out obscure peak names in BC’s mountains, I enjoy daydreaming about places most people have never heard of. I still can’t walk past a map or a globe without being tempted to stop and daydream some more.

My formal schooling complete, it was time for my known world to expand. With a love for the wild mountains and coast already deep in my bones, I found myself living 7,000 km away, in beautiful British Columbia. It’s here that I now make my home, and it is here that I stage my countless mini adventures into the mountains or along the coastline. Rock climbing andmountain biking are my two main passions that brought me to this part of the world and I am reminded just why that happened every time I get out to play.

Perhaps the thing I love the most about my life is that I am a great lover of adventure and discovery, something that has changed little since I was a kid. My latest discoveries have not been in the world around me, but within myself. Tapping into creative reservoirs and watching something develop before me is something I am finding extremely satisfying; as I am currently co-authoring a mountain bike guide book. As a songwriter, guitarist, photographer and old school conversationalist (a lost art form), I feel most alive when I create and learn. These are the two things in my life that I hope will never cease.”