Globe Trekker Cyprus & Crete

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Globe Trekker K.T. Comer travels around the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Beginning her adventures in the southern resort of Ayia Napa, she checks out the beach party scene, before moving on to the ruins of Kourion to catch a midsummer’s day festival in honor of the ancient Greek godApollo.

K.T. then travels to the island’s most revered Greek Orthodox monastery at Kykkos, before heading to Nicosia, the world’s last divided capital city, straddling the UN-patrolled buffer zone between Greek-dominated southern Cyprus and the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. After meeting and listening to the inspirational Bicommunal Choir for Peace, equally made up of Greek and Turkish Cypriot singers, she ends her journey in Kyrenia on the northern coast.

Meanwhile, Globe Trekker Adela Ucar Innerarity visits the Greek island of Crete to learn more about the island’s World War II history and experience its stunning natural beauty along one of Europe’s most popular walking trails, the E4.

Her journey begins in Hania, a bustling harbor town with Venetian and Turkish architecture. Adela’s visit coincides with the commemoration of the Battle of Crete of 1941. She meets with veterans of the war and retraces their experiences, from Maleme in the west where the battle began, through the rugged interior and over the towering White Mountains before reaching the southern coast at Hora Sfakion.

From Hora Sfakion Adela follows the E4 trail, heading west to the idyllic fishing village of Loutro andAgia Roumelli. Rejoining the trail at Sougia, she visits the Byzantine ruins at Lissos before continuing on to Paleochora where she ends her journey on the stunning Elafonisi beach.

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