Globe Trekker Venezuela

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Globe Trekker Ian Wright travels to Venezuela, the country where Christopher Columbus first set foot on South American soil. His journey begins in the state of Merida located high in the Andes, home to the country’s 5 highest peaks it is known as the roof top of Venezuela.

He then heads south by bus to Hato Pinero, a 500 square mile ranch situated in the flat grasslands that cover almost a third of the country. The region is inhabited by the Llaneros, some of the toughest cowboys on the planet as well as an abundance of wildlife including, crocodiles, piranhas and the infamous anaconda.

Leaving the wilds of Hato Pinero, Ian travels to Caracas, the nation’s capital and home to a quarter of the country’s population. He meets up with the reigning Miss Venezuela and learns about the city’s famed beauty schools that have groomed a record number of Miss Worlds and Miss Universes. His next destination is Los Roques, an archipelago of 300 sun-kissed islands, coral reefs and sand bars that was designated a national park in 1972.

The final leg of Ian’s journey takes him south to Gran Sabana, Venezuela’s lush rainforest region also known as the Lost World because of its strange pre-historic landscapes. He embarks on a 3 day trip down river from Kamorata through the rapids of Devil’s Canyon ending his journey with a trek toAngel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall measuring over 1,000 meters.

Also includes: Globe Trekker Extra – Colombia featuring Megan McCormick.

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