November 2021

Pilot Productions has announced that episodes in the second season if it’s Empire Builders series are now available in multi episodic packages.

This follows the production of China as a three x 1hr mini series and the forthcoming Ancient Greeks and Dutch Golden Age episodes both produced as two x 1hour packages. Mexico will be available as 3 x 1 hour in 2022, and the Pacific as 2 x 1hr. The Inca will remain as a single episode. This will take Empire Builders 2 to a series of 13 episodes.

Ian Cross, Producer of the series said: “Empire Builders has proved both a serious and popular program for those interested in world history and the additional episodes provide a more in depth analysis of some of the great global sites and historic periods as we continue to explore the world’s past on on our planet”.

Broadcasters of Empire Builders include American Public Television, Sky History and BBC Worldwide.