Pilot Productions announces new architecture series: Metropolis

Multi-award winning documentary producer Pilot Productions announces a complete new series which explores some of the world’s most prestigious destinations through their architectural magnificence and design.

Metropolis – Once and Future City (6 x 26′) is a series of half-hour guides to the architecture, design, and style of some of the most recognisable destinations in the world. Hosted by passionate architectural historians and experts Julian Davison and Charlie Luxton, Metropolis uncovers the stories behind the architectural legacy which continues to inspire and influence designers and architects today. With contributions from local experts, Metropolis is the complete guide to the unique design history which contributes to the scenery and wonder of some of the world’s most iconic places.

Metropolis – Once and Future City features episodes from ‘Bali’, where Charlie Luxton learns of a unique fusion of eastern and western design principles, blending indoor and outdoor living seamlessly, to ‘Singapore’, originally established as a trading post by Englishman,Sir Stanford Raffles and which has become of today’s leading multicultural nations with a unique blend of Eastern and Western design influence. Also featured is the bustling city of ‘Los Angeles’, which evokes its oil rich past in a city where the car is king to its more flamboyant structures and art-deco era structures from the 1920s and 1930s which reflect its rich history of freedom and expressionism.

Meanwhile Julian Davison visits and uncovers the wealth of architectural legacy in two of Europe’s grandest cities, ‘ Barcelona’ and ‘Venice’, where in the Catalonian capital the Gothic era meets the ‘modernista’ influence of Antoni Gaudí, Domanech i Montaner and Puig i Cadalfach, while in Venice we discover how almost every aspect of its classic design has in some way been influenced by its own commercial interests and merchant trading history. Finally in ‘Syria’, home to some of the oldest civilisations in the world, we learn how the rich and varied history of battling empires and religious influence continues to leave its mark today.

Metropolis – Once and Future City is available as a 6 part series (6 x 26′) and episodes ‘Barcelona’, ‘Venice’, ‘Singapore’, and ‘Syria’ are all also available in HD.