Globe Trekker turns 20 years old!

Globetrekker 20th

Pilot Productions, the producer of award-winning travel series Globe Trekker, has announced a 10 hour slate of new programming as part of the 20th anniversary of the series in 2012. Globe Trekker, now in its 15th series, is the longest running travel series currently on television and the longest running independently produced travel series ever made.

The anniversary slate is being produced for Globe Trekker’s network of more than 30 broadcasters including American Public Television, Discovery International, Travel Channel and Voyage, France. The slate includes a six-hour Round the World marathon that will air in October 2012. Veteran presenters Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro and Megan McCormick will return as part of the special series. A three-hour travel block, London 2012, featuring all new episodes, will be available in early July, 2012, just before the London Olympics. A one hour behind the scenes special, The Making of Globe Trekker, will also air.

Ian Cross, Managing Director of Pilot Productions, said: “Globe Trekker has changed the way travel television was made and the series has continued to set the standard for the genre internationally, a fact reflected by more than 50 awards the series has collected. We look forward to celebrating this anniversary with our production partners worldwide.” The milestone will also be marked by a series of events, both on air and on line and, for its many fans, the release of Globe Trekker commemorative merchandise, including a book, details of which will shortly be announced.