Singapore Recipes – Fried Oyster Omlette

Ingredients (tapioca flour mixture):

• 110gm Sweet potato flour
• 250ml Water
• 1 teaspoon Salt

Other ingredients:
• 1 Dozen oysters
• 2 Tablespoons of roe
• 2 Eggs


1. Heat up the flat wok, add lard oil, wait for oil to heat up

2. Pour pockets of the tapioca flour batter randomly around the wok

3. Pour the beaten eggs randomly around the batter pockets

4. When the eggs and batter are beginning to cook and harden, place the oysters onto the mixture.

5. Carefully roll the egg over the oysters into an omelette.

6. Scoop two tablespoon of fresh roe on the omelette

7. Spinkle shallots for garnishing