• 600g laksa noodles (you can get it easily from supermarkets), scald in hot water and drain

A. Ikan kembong:
• 1 Kg flaked ikan kembong or ikan parang
• A pinch of salt
• 2000 ml water

B. Spices (finely ground):
• 10 Fresh chillies
• 6 Dried chillies
• 1 Small piece lengkuas
• 2 cm Fresh turmeric
• 20 Shallots
• 3 Cloves garlic
• 6 Candlenuts (buah keras)

C. Vegetables:
• 5 Stalks daun kesom
• 1 Bunga kantan, cut lengthwise
• 6 Stalks serai, smashed
Mix and strain…
• 50g Tamarind (assam jawa)
• 250ml water
• 5 Ppieces asam keeping
• 1 Tablespoon Belacan powder (can be substituted by roasting a piece of belacan)
• Salt to taste

D. Garnishing (thinly sliced):
• 100g Pineapple
• 1 Cucumber
• 2 Bunga kantan
• 3 Red chillies
• 2 Big onions
• 200g Lettuce
• Mint leaves
• Enough sticky black prawn paste (hayko) – dissolve in a little hot water.


1. Boil fish with the water. When fish is cooked removes it from the stock and flake it. Leave water (fish stock) in the pot.

2. Blend or pound (B) ingredients into a paste.

3. Add (B) and (C) in the fish stock and simmer until it reaches the desired consistency.

4. Put in the fish flakes and keep the laksa gravy over a moderate heat.

5. Put laksa noodles into serving bowls. Spoon the laksa gravy over the vegetables (garnish D). Serve with a little prawn paste