• Hairy crabmeat 70g
• Hairy crab roe 30g
• 4 Eggs
• Chicken stock 6 teaspoons
• Egg white 30g
• Fresh Ginger juice 40g
• Salt to taste
• Sugar to taste
• Ginger 10g
• Cooking oil 2 teaspoons
• Ground white pepper a dash
• Potato flour 2 teaspoons


1. Heat oil in a wok and saute minced ginger until ginger until fragrant, then put in hairy crabmeat, hairy crab roe and chicken stock, Add salt, sugar and pepper and continue sautéing. Thicken with potato flour solution. Set aside.

2. Using an egg cutter, carefully make an opening on top of each egg without damaging shells. Empty contents into a bowl and blanch eggshells in hot water. Peel away layer of thin membrane inside eggshells. Drain eggshells dry.

3. Add salt, sugar, pepper and fresh ginger juice with 30g egg white into the bowl and stir until well blended.

4. Put prepared ginger egg white in the eggshells, filling up to 30% and steam for 10 minutes.

5. Fill up the eggshell with hairy crabmeat and hairy crab roe, garnish as desired and serve immediately.