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Study Guides

Rubber Latex in India, Avinash Bhat, Flickr Creative Commons

A Short History of Rubber

Originating from a tree found in the jungles of the Amazon, rubber was used in its raw form by indigenous tribes for centuries. But it wasn’t until...
Rust Belt

American Titans: The Rust Belt

Today, the Rust Belt is the economic region of the United States concentrated in the formerly dominant industrial states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio,...
Plague of Athens by Michiel Sweerts, c. 1652–1654

Epidemics Throughout The Ages

In an increasingly interconnected and peaceful world, disease remains one of the greatest fears of the modern age, especially the outbreak of a ‘superbug’...
Raising the flag on Iwo Jima. Photograph by Joe Rosenthal

WWII in the Pacific

Causes Japan in the decade preceding World War Two had become increasingly imperialistic, with worship of Emperor Hirihito on the rise and the army becoming an...
Macchu Picchu, Inca Empire

The Inca Empire

The Incas were a civilisation which flourished from the 12th century until their conquest by the Spanish in 1533 in modern-day Peru and spreading to...
john ward dunsmore creative commons

The American War Of Independence

British Rule The brutal and bloody eight-year struggle between the British Empire and the newly-declared United States of America, which comprised the...

Native Americans

Given their near-genocidal treatment at the hands of European colonialism, the current population of Native Americans in the United States remains staggeringly...
Civil War Reenactment

The American Civil War

A house divided against itself cannot stand.  I believe this government cannot endure  permanently half-slave and half-free. — Abraham Lincoln, 1858 What...