Commemorating Easter

Commemorating Easter

It is Easter on Sunday 4th April.

With Easter approaching, we look at the traditions around the world and explore how different cultures celebrate this religious festival. Easter celebrations (although no doubt different this year) is observed around the world. To learn how Jerusalem, Mexico, Spain and Antigua mark the occasion, click here.

One of the prominent and best place to witness the faith and celebration of Easter is in the Holy Land of Jerusalem, one of the world’s oldest cities (some 4,000 years) and the most holy site in the world. Pre-Covid, usually on Easter Day, Christians of all ethnicity gather in Jerusalem’s Old City to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Read our article on Easter in Jerusalem here.

Everyone at Pilot wish you a Happy Easter!

Discover Scotland and a most celebrated poet

Discover Scotland and a most celebrated poet

Every year on January 25 (a Sunday in 2015), Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns, is celebrated with traditional food, verse, music and of course, drink – officially, Burns Night.

Scotland boasts such a rich and interesting history, and you’ve told us it’s up there with one of your all-time favourite and/or bucket list destinations. Here’s a fascinating two minute clip on the origins of Burns Night, and the significance of the poet’s to Scotland and the world.


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Finally, your day won’t be complete until you try something purely Scottish – here’s how to make your very own Deep Fried Mars Bars.


Discover Scotland

Fallen in love with Scotland yet? Discover more and plan your trip.


Photo credit: Feature image by Stephen McLeod Blythe