National Geographic Celebrates 125 Years of Awe-Inspiring Photo-Journalism

National Geographic Celebrates 125 Years of Awe-Inspiring Photo-Journalism

“Jaw-dropping… arresting… breathtaking…” are just some of the adjectives associated with National Geographic and to celebrate 125 years in the business of visual story-telling, National Geographic has delved deep into their archives and pulled out some truly stunning photographs – some of which are instantly recognisable and other which have had a profound impact on our history.

The National Geographic Society and was launched in October 1888 as a non-profit dedicated to funding science and exploration across the planet and in 125 years the iconic brand synonymous with dramatic, impactful imagery and outstanding journalism has grown to over 60 million readers worldwide, a popular TV channel, and a website which receives a monthly footfall of 27 million visitors!

National Geographic has always been a place for firsts.  Creating the first ever photo of the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere, creating the first underwater colour photographs, and now for the first time as part of their newly designed photo-sharing platform, the magazine is inviting  all photo enthusiasts to submit photos and participate in a digital assignment for the magazine. So what are you waiting for? Get over to Your Shot for your chance to be featured!

And for those armchair enthusiasts out there, visit the Magazine’s brand new photo-blog, “Proof,” which promises to be a provocative and eclectic look at the world of National Geographic photography.

Photography is a powerful tool and form of self-expression,” said Chris Johns, editor in chief of National Geographic magazine. “Sharing what you see and experience through the camera allows you to connect, move and inspire people around the world.

We at Pilot HQ couldn’t agree more and wish 125 more years of brilliant photography from one of our favourite photographic trailblazers!

Zaynin Kanji