Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis

Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis

Sebastião Salgado is a Brazilian photographer famous for his extraordinary black and white images of life in some of the most remote and least visited parts of our planet.

Salgado’s latest work is the monumental project called Genesis, a collection of more than 200 images from the far reaches of the Earth, and showcases the results of an eight-year long project

SalgadoMursi Women in Ethiopia with prominent lip plates

This unique body of work is now exhibiting at London’s Natural History Museum through to September this year.

The collection contains startling images of the daily life of Siberian nomads, Papua New Guinea natives and Amazonian tribes photographed over weeks and months on location in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Salgado’s images of the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia (filmed by Pilot Productions in 1996) and his images of South Georgia in the South Atlantic (filmed by Pilot Productions in 2009) and are among the most memorable images of the exhibition and a testimony to the extraordinary talents of this Globe Trotting photographic genius of our age!

Sebastião Salgado: Genesis is at the Natural History Museum, London, from 11 April to 8 September 2013
Ticket prices £10 adults, £5 child and concession, £27 family

Main image: Sebastião Salgado photo exhibition Genesis at National Museum of Singapore, JNZL’s Photos, Flickr Creative Commons