Alekseyevskaya Cathedral Church, David Stanley, Flickr Creative Commons, (Countries that don't celebrate Christmas)

No Christmas Here!

As the biggest festival of the largest religion in the world, Christmas is celebrated in some form in pretty much every corner of the world. Here are the...

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Ka-ak street stall by the Corniche

The Food of Lebanon

Lebanese food is some of the best in the Middle East. It bears influences of various cultures and cuisines and is characterized by the use of local and...

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Sunset at Chania

Top 10 Sites of Crete

Crete provides everything for a perfectly balanced trip. Between coastal and bucolic landscapes, diverse and rich history and cultural identity, and a unique...

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Persian Cherry Rice, Stephen Howard, Flickr Creative Commons

The Food of Iran

Like most Middle Eastern food cultures, mealtimes in Iran are considered a precious family affair. Food is often served in abundance, as a way to encourage...

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Cretan Pottery, Crete

The Handmade Delights of Crete

Crete's rich handicrafts tradition makes for a very unique - and classy - souvenir shopping experience!

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1949 ZIS (ЗиС) 115 Previous owned by Joseph Stalin, so this ZIS is of course armored, peterolthof, Flickr Creative Commons

Study Guide: Dictators and Their Cars

We explore the love affair between some of the world's most reviled and notorious leaders and their motor cars, from Hitler's promotion of Volkswagen, the car...

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Moussaka, Kullez, Flickr Creative Commons

The Food of Greece

Food is a very important and highly valued element of Greek culture — rich dinners are a must and are the most important meal of the day, and entire family...

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Hajj 2008, Al Jazeera English, Flickr Creative Commons

Muslim Pilgrimages: Hajj

Hajj - that is, the pilgrimage to Mecca - is one of the five pillars of Islam and is considered a duty for all Muslims who are in good health and can afford...

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The Suffolk Countryside

City Escapes: Suffolk

Suffolk is one of England’s most traditional counties. Predominantly comprised of low lying and flat farming countryside, with a picturesque coast on the...

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New Series: “Hidden Algeria”

‘HIDDEN ALGERIA’ is an alluring destination guide that explores one of the least known countries on our planet – the People’s Republic of Algeria....

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