Plague of Athens by Michiel Sweerts, c. 1652–1654

Study Guides: Epidemics Throughout The Ages

In an increasingly interconnected and peaceful world, disease remains one of the greatest fears of the modern age, especially the outbreak of a ‘superbug’.

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Hepburn Wind Turbines

World’s Biggest: Wind Farms

We look at some of the world's biggest and most impressive Wind farms. Wind farms currently make up some of the most ambitious green projects in the...

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March St Patrick's Day New York, Salon NYC, Flickr Creative Commons

WOW: What’s On Where In March

In March there’s a whole heap of discoveries to be made around the world, from sheep shearing competitions in New Zealand to Saint Patrick's Day...

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What to Buy?

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Getty Villa Outer Peristyle, Malibu, Los Angeles

The Getty Villa

Offering a slice of antiquity to both its neighborhood of Malibu and tourists alike, the museum offers a variety of events such as Roman theatre productions,...

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La Boca Buenos Aires

La Boca: The Humble History of the Beautiful...

Poor immigrant port dwellers saw the need for colour in their neighbourhood, and so put the left over paint used to maintain the port’s barges to good use by...

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Northern Italy - February

WOW: What’s On Where In February

It doesn't matter what corner of the world you find yourself in, February is an exciting and fun-fueled month! Among other things, much of the Christian...

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Teatro Colon Opera House Buenos Aires Argentina

High Culture in Buenos Aires: The Teatro Colón

The Teatro Colón is a symbol of the evolution of Argentina's “high culture”, and an example of why Buenos Aires became known as the “Paris of Latin...

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Colonia del Sacramento, Victor Forjaz, Flickr Creative Commons

Day Trips from Buenos Aires: Colonia del...

Just under an hour by catamaran from Buenos Aires, Colonia del Sacramento boasts a well preserved fusion of Portuguese, Spanish and post-colonial architecture.

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Amber Flower

Amber – Poland’s Finest Export

People have long been fascinated with the look, colours and geological significance of this gemstone and the mysterious, earthly aura that it radiates.

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