Minoan Frescoe

Study Guide: The Mystery of The Minoan...

The Minoans represented the first advanced civilization in Europe, leaving behind massive building complexes, tools, artwork and writing systems.

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1949 ZIS (ЗиС) 115 Previous owned by Joseph Stalin, so this ZIS is of course armored, peterolthof, Flickr Creative Commons

Study Guide: Dictators and Their Cars

We explore the love affair between some of the world's most reviled and notorious leaders and their motor cars, from Hitler's promotion of Volkswagen, the car...

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Timgad ruins, Gabriel Jorby, Flickr Creative Commons

North Africa’s Natives: The Berbers

The Greek and Phoenician traders called them barbarians but the true nomenclature of the Berber people is “Amazigh”, which means “free people”.

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Plague of Athens by Michiel Sweerts, c. 1652–1654

Study Guides: Epidemics Throughout The Ages

In an increasingly interconnected and peaceful world, disease remains one of the greatest fears of the modern age, especially the outbreak of a ‘superbug’.

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Raising the flag on Iwo Jima. Photograph by Joe Rosenthal

Study Guide: WWII in the Pacific

Japanese imperialism was seen as brazen disregard of the League of Nations, a precursor to the UN, increasing tensions between Japan and the West.

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WW2 Memorial Europe

Study Guide: WWII in Europe

The First World War had left much of Europe in ruins. While the Treaty of Versailles aimed to repair Europe, Germany in particular felt aggrieved.

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Turkish Restaurant in Germany

Study Guide: The Turkish Diaspora

The Turkish diaspora is difficult to categorise due to there being so many disparate population groups as a result of the sheer territorial reach of the former...

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WOW: What’s On Where In July

From Independence Day celebrations to prestigious sporting events across Europe, July has something in store for everyone!

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WOW: What’s On Where In June

From World War II Anniversaries to religious celebrations and ancient festivals, read on to find out what the month of June has got going on across the globe!

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