Roman Ruins of Volubilis

Study Guide: A Short History of the Moors

The Moors left behind a rich architectural and cultural legacy still apparent throughout the Iberian Peninsula and beyond today.

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Study Guide: The Mongol Empire

One of the most imposing military and imperial forces in history, the Mongol Empire cemented itself as a power to be reckoned with over a very quick period of...

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Study Guide: The English Civil War

One of the most important and violent periods in British history, the English Civil War was a series of closely related conflicts during the 17th Century,...

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Study Guide: The French Revolution

Lasting a period of ten years, the French Revolution was a time of violence and major change, which not only changed France profoundly but also reshaped the...

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Rome, Roman Empire, Empire Builders

Important Historical Sites of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was the most powerful economic, cultural, political and military force in the world of its time and became one of the largest empires in world...

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Important Historical Sites Of The Moslem Empire

In preparation for the Persian New Year this month, discover 10 historical sites that made history during the Moslem Empire.

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Important Historical Sites of the Christian...

Discover 10 historical sites that made history during the Christian Empires - and still to this day tell stories of its rules and eventual downfall.

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Study Guide: Latin American Independence

The political chaos in Spain following the Napoleonic Wars predictably resonated throughout its empire, most significantly in Spanish America, which became a...

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Study Guide: The Lost World of Joseph Banks

2018 marks the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's sea journey around the world. Onboard where naturalists who made discoveries which changed the world.

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Study Guide: A Short History of the Journey of...

Spices conjure images of tempting culinary art, fascinating travels and bitter struggles for supremacy. Expressions like variety is the spice of life and sugar...

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