Study Guide: The Lost World of Joseph Banks

2018 marks the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's sea journey around the world. Onboard where naturalists who made discoveries which changed the world.

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Study Guide: A Short History of the Journey of...

Spices conjure images of tempting culinary art, fascinating travels and bitter struggles for supremacy. Expressions like variety is the spice of life and sugar...

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A Short History of Beer

Many anthropologists and archaeologists now believe that it was a taste for beer, not bread that started people farming barley around 9000 BC. Known as the...

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Study Guide: Migrant Labour Along the Central...

In 1865 California Governor, Leland Stanford reported to Congress, “A large majority of the white laboring class on the Pacific Coast find most profitable...

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Bejing - China

Study Guide: The Chinese Revolution

The Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949 was the culmination of decades of simmering tension and conflict. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who would...

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Study Guide: Industrial Revolution, A Brief...

Although bears little in common with any other revolution due to its lack of political context, the Industrial Revolution was nonetheless one of the most...

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Study Guide: The Story of Chocolate

Our love affair with chocolate began at least 4,000 years ago in Mesoamerica, in present-day southern Mexico and Central America, where cacao grew wild. When...

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Galileo before the Holy Office

Study Guide: The Spanish Inquisition

One of the darker periods of Spanish history is the Spanish Inquisition, which entrenched Spain for over 350 years. Also known as The Tribunal of the Holy...

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john ward dunsmore creative commons

Study Guide: The American War of Independence

This detailed Study Guide charts the The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), which was the armed conflict between Great Britain and thirteen of its...

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Viking ship

Study Guide: Who Were The Vikings?

Often misconstrued in contemporary times as a culture of bloodthirsty yet noble savages, the Vikings’ historical legacy is in fact far more complex and...

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