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Great Communist Monuments in Europe

From the newly independent countries of the former nation of Yugoslavia, hosts Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro and Neil Gibson travel onwards across the rest of Eastern Europe, visiting the rapidly vanishing monuments and Cold War relics of the once all-powerful but now vanished Communist regimes that one-by-one collapsed along with the Berlin Wall amidst the popular revolutions of 1989.

Our journey behind Europe’s once feared Iron Curtain starts with Ian Wright in Russia’s capital, Moscow, as he visits the Kremlin, Red Square and Lenin’s tomb, once at the heart of the former Soviet empire.

Whilst Neil Gibson visits a graveyard of toppled former Soviet Communist statues, dumped on waste ground behind a factory in Lithuania, Ian Wright heads on to visit a Communist theme park in Budapest, Hungary, where as a jokey souvenir you can buy in an empty tin the so-called ‘Last Breath of Communism’.

From Budapest, Ian travels onwards by train to Romania’s capital, Bucharest, home to the former Communist leader Ceaucescu’s absurdly extravagant folly, his so-called ‘Palace of the People’, which with 10,000 rooms cost one third of the national budget to build.  Ceaucescu’s rule as leader of Romania came to a bloody end; Ian Wright visits the simple grave where he was buried after being executed in the revolution.

Finally, Justine Shapiro explores the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall that haven’t been demolished, left standing on purpose to remind people of how freedom in Eastern Europe was once oppressed.

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