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Best Dives

Our presenters take the viewer on a tour of our top fifteen dive sites around the world.
Starting with the Atlantic & Caribbean, we go diving with Justine Shapiro in Dominica, and image: Megan McCormick prepares to dive in Micronesiathen travel west to Turks & Caicos where Megan McCormick goes diving for conch. From there the next on our list takes us to the Outer Banks off North Carolina with Holly Morris, who encounters some very large sharks. We then travel to Florida’s Gulf Coast where Holly has a close encounter with a very friendly manatee.

We then head over off Africa’s east coast to the island of Madagascar, for some wreck diving withIan Wright. Heading north, we go for a beautiful dive in the Red Sea with Justine. We continue our diving trip around the world to the Maldives, off India, where Megan goes on several beautiful dives. From there we hit the Banda Islands in Indonesia’s Celebes Sea, joining Mark Crowdy on a dive there. Continuing our Asian diving takes us to the Philippines with Shilpa Mehta. From there we head further east, to the South Pacific, where Ian takes in some wreck diving in the Solomons, and feeds some sharks in Fiji.

In Micronesia, Megan goes on several amazing dives in Jellyfish Lake, and she gets very close to some large and gentle manta rays. After that we follow Megan to the fabled Great Barrier Reef, where we see the kind of diving that has made it famous. On the western side of Australia,Estelle Bingham has a very special encounter with the largest fish in the sea, the whale shark.And we finish our diving journey with our #1 dive spot: Borneo, where Holly gets in the middle of a huge school of barracuda. If you have questions about where to go diving, they’ll all be answered here!

Places Mentioned - Australia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Maldives, Philippines, Turks and Caicos, USA

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