Brought to you by Pilot Productions - producers of addictive travel and adventure TV shows that take you to unforgettable destinations around the planet. Globe Trekker is the ultimate intrepid traveller's guide to exploring our wonderful world.

Music Travel Videos 3

Each track, many originally composed for iconic Globe Trekker series, has been set to pictures of the destination. Each of the four one hour long downloads features about 20 tracks.

1. Philippines
2. Southern Spain
3. South East China
4. Korea
5. Iceland
6. Mozambique
7. The Middle East
8. Hong Kong
9. Tunisia & Libya
10. Florida
11. Western Canada
12. New Zealand
13. Mongolia
14. Portugal and the Azores
15. Tahiti & Samoa
16. Faces of the Planet
17. Train Travel

Places Mentioned - China, Iceland, Libya, Mongolia, Mozambique, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Samoa, South Korea, Spain, Tunisia, USA

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