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The Good and Bad Food Guide 2

Take a culinary trip around the globe with 7 of your favourite Globe Trekker hosts to Hedgehogs for supper, arghhh!sample the very best and very worst food on offer to the intrepid traveller.

Ian Wright and the rest of the Globe Trekker crew travel from the saké bars of Tokyo to the rainforests of Cameroon and the colourful conch-catching Isles of the Caribbean. Requiring a daring character and a strong stomach, they’ll show you the most diverse dishes on the planet.

Find out where to go in the world for the best breakfast, how to find a tasty roadside snack in Moscow, or where to find pizza with added kick in Cambodia. Meanwhile there’s always bat soup and bat’s blood for breakfast to get kick-start the day.

Yummy pasta from ItalyTry a low cholesterol camel burger in Morocco or catch a hedgehog in theIndian Ocean Islands. In Cameroon, travellers have to work for their meals, building shrimp dams before dinner.

Tasty termites in South Africa and surprisingly appetising jungle rats inGhana, all washed down with a nutritious fruit smoothie in Venezuela, complete with the added protein of fish eggs and bull’s eyes.

In Nepal, tea is made with butter to give added sustenance, and Ian samples one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world –fermented date palm sap in TunisiaJustine Shapiro makes pasta in Italy, whileMegan McCormick gets a raw deal in Vietnam when she’s served pork uterus and genitalia.

Not so yummy frogs from China!To round off the programme we see the top 5 worst foods in the world, coming from as far a field as Indonesia and Glasgow.  Would you eat a fried Mars bar or drink a shot of alcohol served with a human toe? Would we? Find out.

Places Mentioned - Cambodia, Cameroon, Indian Ocean Islands, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Nepal, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Tunisia, Venezuela, Vietnam

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