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Presenter : Justine Shapiro

Southwest USA

Justine Shapiro’s journey through south west United States begins in Gallup on the New Mexico border, where she visits a Native American intertribal ceremonial. The event lasts for image: Justine Shapiro drives out in stylesix days and whilst there, Justine attends an Indian Rodeo, checks out Native American cuisine and watches some amazing tribal dances.

From Gallup, Justine takes a spectacular train journey north east to Santa Fe, where she acquires a motorbike and cruises along to Taos. She stops in Taos to investigate the Earthships – homes constructed entirely with recycled materials.

Justine heads south from Taos to Roswell, the site of a reported UFO crash in 1947. Justine investigates the incident, which has become shrouded in secrecy, and hears some convincing evidence about the case.

Justine continues her journey by bike, stopping next at the small town of Deming, where she takes part in the Great American Duck Race. She then heads north west to Tucson, in the 

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