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Presenter : Justine Shapiro

Historic England

Justine starts her historical journey dodging swords at the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings, then travels up the coast to visit the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. Passing throughimage:Queen of the Castle: Justine ShapiroLondon she takes a canal ride up to theYorkshire Moors where she boards a double decker bus/hotel.

Next stop Whitby, the eerie coastal town which inspired Bram Stoker to write the world famous horror story, “Dracula”.
Then a stroll along the Roman built Hadrian’s Wall, a chance meeting with a Roman centurion, and a ride on a steam train before visitingLiverpool to pay homage to “The Beatles”.

Venturing south in a vintage car into England’sWest Country, Justine meets the very eccentric Marquess of Bath, and joins a pagan celebration in Glastonbury before ending her journey in Ottery St. Mary. 
Here fearless locals terrify spectators by running through narrow streets with huge, flaming tar barrels, to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.


Places Mentioned - England

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