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Asian Cities

In CalcuttaShanghai and Bangkok, our trekkers enjoy the best of what Asian cities have to offer.

image: Holy Morris: Holly meets a Sadhu on Sagar IslandHolly Morris dodges the busy traffic in Calcutta, ‘City of Joy,’ to experience the two sides of the capital of West Bengal. Holly is struck by the contrasting worlds since its colonialisation 50 years ago. From the modern horse racing track to the ancient Kali Temple, the academic world of College Street to the young boys home, this is a city divided in culture and wealth. Leaving Calcutta briefly, Holly ventures to Sagar Island to participate in the holy dip and be blessed by a holy man.

Danielle Baker takes up the reins in Shanghai, where she visits the stunning Buddhist temples and enjoys some of the local pass times and traditions of Tai Chi, acu-pressure and of course, tea. Before enjoying the fantastic bazaars, Danielle marvels at the incredible Chinese acrobats.

Finally, we head to Bangkok, where Estelle Bingham takes in the stunning temples and Grand Palace built by Rama I. Leaving the calm of the Buddha, she tries her hand at the biggest sport there, kick boxing, before going to watch a live match. Finally Estelle visits Pat Pong Market,famous for its sex industry and Chatichak Market for some shopping before heading to the Elephant Festival in Surin.

Places Mentioned - China, India, Thailand

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