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Ultimate Australia

Estelle Bingham finds herself on an adventure down under on the world’s most diverse island, Australia. Through the eyes of three other presenters who have travelled to this area of Estelle Bingham in Southwest Australiathe world, Justine Shapiro, Ian Wright and Megan McCormick, Estelle takes through the highlights of each of these trips while having her own amazing adventures.

The journey begins with Sydney, and from there we take a tour of Australia’s best beaches, which includes the worlds largest sand bar, hang gliding over breathtaking coastlines to the fun filled city beaches. From here we take a look at the fun and funky forms of getting around Australia from flying the vast distances, taking the world renowned Indian Pacific railway and even buying your own car.

Then it’s an expedition into the outback where we marvel at the art of bush survival, camel rustling and a genuine night out in the bush with a dingo. We continue our tour of Australia with Uluru - Ayres Rock in the Outbacka segment exploring the culinary delights relishing in swish Australia nouveau cuisine, a local food festival, fresh crab on the beach to bush tucker with witchetty grubs being eaten direct from the land and ants being used for some local lemonade.

Bush tucker leads us into the section about the Aboriginal people. We take a look at some local festivals, beautiful art, the spectacular Ayres Rock (Uluru) and an insight into the complexity and splendour of their beliefs.

Such a vast place allows us to visit some of the most famous and quirky festivals in the remote outback towns. Local rodeo, poetry and a bachelor and spinster party takes us onto the ultimate party of them all, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Australia has a fascinating past and we are taken on a journey through its convict past. From Australia Day, a holiday in memory of people’s convict ancestors, to visiting the horrific image: reveller at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Grasprison of Port Alfred, the viewer gets a good sense of Australia’s history.

Due to its remoteness as an island, Australia has a varied and unique flora and fauna in the most spectacular landscapes. Our presenters meet the cutest and most dangerous of Australia’s critters including one presenter sitting on a crocodile and another hugging koalas and a wombat. Dingos, cane toads and snakes also feature and we even meet the world’s most magnificent mammal, the Whale Shark.

We then journey into the breathtaking National Parks of Australia. These include the remote and beautiful Bungle Bungles, the crocodile filled Kakadu National Park, the breathtaking canyons in Karijini National Park, last but not least, the spectacular underwater world at the Great Barrier Reef.

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