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Ultimate Indo China

Zay Harding takes us on an adventure of three of the most culturally rich countries in south East Asia – Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. With the help of Ian Wright, Megan McCormick and image: Zay Harding goes hill walking in VietnamJustine Shapiro, we can take our pick from some of the most interesting temples, markets, jungles and people, as we explore the beauty that is Indo China.

First stop Ho Chi Minh City where Megan shows us the best way to tackle the hectic street life, while Zay experiences one of the strangest fruit of the area, betel nut: a fruit that the elderly eat supposedly good for the teeth, but can also make you drunk.

Throughout Indo China, war has had a great effect on the people, culture, and surroundings. In Vietnam, Justine get to grips with some old militarily machinery, while in Laos, they have a more beneficial use for old war shrapnel. We also get an insight into the mass genocide that has scared Cambodia.

Religion plays an important part to the people of Indo China. This devotion has lead to an impressive array of temples and villages; one of the most breath-taking being the ancient royal city of Angkor in Cambodia.

Indo china is famous for it’s food, and with the help of our guides they will tantalise your taste buds with the delectable delights that the rivers and markets of the region have to offer. Some food takes courage to eat, and expect to see some unusual delicacies.

Our travellers will not only show you the beauty of Indo China, but they will also explore the mountains home to ancient hills tribes. From the Akah people in Laos to the Hmong village in Vietnam, these tribes have managed to maintain traditional cultures and way of life that has been around for centuries.

Indo China has many unusual traditions and cultures that the western world may find difficult to understand, but underneath all the history of war and persecution, it is exciting and modern, yet still manages to maintain its many ancient traditions.

Places Mentioned - Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

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