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Presenter : Sami Sabiti

Pacific Northwest USA

Our traveller Sami Sabiti sets off through the sparsely populated Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon in the USA, an area of immense, awe-inspiring natural beauty, hi-image:Sami Sabiti tries Dune surfing in Oregon Dunestech, forward-looking cities and some of the friendliest people in the United States.

Sami starts his trip in Seattle where he samples its markets, conquers his vertigo on the Space Symbol, visits the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and finishes up by hanging out with a local band. Next, it’s off to the westernmost point of the United States where Sami meets the local Native Americans at La Push and cooks a traditional salmon barbeque. Then he heads south to the logging town of Hoquiam for the annual Loggers Play Day where Sami competes in some of its unusual events like timber sawing and log rolling.

After visiting the historic town of Astoria, the end of the Lewis & Clarke expedition, Sami hitches a ride to the renowned Oregon Dunes where Sami goes dune-buggy riding. Across the Cascade Range of volcanoes, Sami drops in on the Pendleton Round-Up where the highlight is the Native American bareback racing before returning west up the Cascade Gorge to the area’s most beautiful volcano, Mount Hood.

After exploring the eco-city of Portland by bike and popping into Mount Angel’s Oktoberfest beer fest, Sami learns about the awesome power of the active Mount St Helens. Here he image: Sami Sabiti at the Pendleton Round Uphears the amazing story of a lucky survivor of the 1980 eruption who returns to the volcano for the first time since his ordeal, making him rather uneasy before his climb to the snowcapped peak, which he manages despite a sudden snowstorm!

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