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Presenter : Zay Harding

Southeast China

Zay Harding travels through four provinces of the southeast of China, one of the world’s ultimate traveling destinations and a place of fascination in every way.

image: Zay Harding in southeast ChinaHe starts in the country’s fourth largest city Guanzhou, capital of the province of Guangdong, its gateway to the west where he visits a Buddhist temple, learns about the Opium War won by the British Empire, visits the Qingping Market full of unusual fare and then dines out on it!

Flying to the province of Hunan, Zay hikes through the Wulingyuan National Park where he climbs to the top of the park’s highlight, one of its many stunning rock pinnacles. Moving on to Shaoshan, Mao’s birthplace, and then toNanchang, the historic revolutionary city, Zay learns all about the infamous Chairman.

Then it’s off to Ruijin, where the communist army started the Long March where Zay meets a surviving marcher who still wears his uniform. Near Yongding in the Fujian province, Zay visits the extraordinary houses of the Hakka people which house up to 40 families and often have 70 rooms! Moving onto Anxi, a massive centre of tea export and home to the world’s Zay Harding meets a Long March survivorbiggest tea market, and Dehua, a major centre of ceramics, Zay discovers the products that made Fujian province so rich. In the ancient port of Quanzhou, Zay sees the mixture of ancient and modern before taking the boat over to the Mazu Festival at the temple that’s her spiritual home.

The last leg of Zay’s trip takes him to the developing Chinese tourist resort island of Hainan Dao. It’s also home to the minority group Li group who he visits before hitting the stunning beaches – a much needed rest after 2,000 miles of traveling!

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