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Globe Shopper 2

Globe Shopper 2Globe Shopper 2 picks up where its shop-happy predecessor left off – on a blistering trail in pursuit of the finest and latest, the oldest and rarest, the cheapest and most expensive gifts a budding traveller can possibly bring home. We rejoin our presenters in the throes of learning how to bargain with stubborn vendors, picking up a tip or two along the way from veteran travellers familiar with the time honoured tradition of the haggle.

We hunt down classic furniture in Hong Kong, the antique emporium of the world. We revisit tribal handicrafts with the Makonde tribes of Mozambique, play a didgeridoo with the Aborigine tribes of Outback Australia, and fawn over carpets stretching from the Middle East to the Ottoman Empire.

From bottom-boasting bikinis to squeeze into in Rio’s sandy beaches, to the Victorian-inspired Lolita street fashions worn by the Japanese youth of today, Globe Shopper 2 presents Globe Shopper 2a 21st century world brimming with imagination, expression and absolute free licence.

We dip into some wild and varied street markets, do a bit of antique hunting with a savvy dealer in London’s famous Portobello Market, and stray to collect some souvenirs for our loved ones back home. Yes, Mozart hats and funny keepsakes in Austria, Royal family egg cups in England and Che Guevara dolls, toy pistols and balaclavas in revolutionary Mexico.

Finally, we take you on a dazzling guided tour of affordable and impossible jewellery to be gleaned from the gemstone makers of Bangkok, the diamond dealers of Antwerp and the gold jewellers of deluxe Dubai.

This programme promises to be a feast for the senses, a scourge to the wallet and a crying temptation to the un-travelled.

Places Mentioned - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, England, Japan, Mexico, Mozambique, United Arab Emirates

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