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Great Journeys: Road Warriors

Our Globe Trekker teams have travelled around the world to show you the most amazing places the global traveller can visit, but isn’t the getting there just as fun as the final Travelling by er... motorcycledestination?

In this Globe Trekker Special, we uncover the most incredible journeys in the world. Some will take your breath away with their beauty – others are unbelievable due to their pure daring.

The off road section brings you the greatest travel by 4-wheel drive vehicle, from the Sahara Desert to Outback Australia and on to notably the worst roads in the world in Zaire. We also see Ian Wright navigate 4,500 square miles of salt plains in Bolivia, being careful not to plunge into the salty lake beneath.

Taxis are different around the world, from the rooftop rides in Cambodia, to the wildly colourful vehicles in Haiti and the ox and cart on La Digue in the Seychelles. But wherever you go, the art of negotiation is still the same!

Buses can provide an opportunity for the traveller to meet others, see beautiful landscapes and can often provide the most entertaining travellers’ stories. Here we see our teams squashed into a 5-seater vehicle with 10 others, travelling across Papua New Guinea sitting next to a mudman, and Justine Shapiro finds buses with reclining beds in China. Ian may have found the cheapest bus ride in the world in Mongolia, with 300km costing him just $3.

Ian Wright thumbs a liftHitch hiking is a traditional way of getting around the world, and with a bit of know-how, it can still be relatively safe in some parts. From travelling with the truckers in Australia to thecolourful Bedford trucks in Pakistan.

Motorcycles have also been one of Globe Trekker’s favourite ways of getting around. Harley Davidson motors have taken the teams to New Mexico, on a tour of the Rockies and through Costa Rica’s rainforest. Riding an Enfield in India, taking a 1960s bike and sidecar in Vietnam and speeding through the medinas of Morocco have been some of the highlights.

From India’s high peaks to Bolivia’s salt flats and Australia’s deserts, our travellers show you the best ways to travel around the world, finishing off this run down with our top 5 road trips in the world.

Places Mentioned - Australia, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Congo (Zaire), Costa Rica, Haiti, India, Indian Ocean Islands, Morocco, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, USA, Vietnam

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