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Globe Trekker: Endangered Places

Anyone who has experienced the Taj Mahal, taken in the natural beauty of the Victoria Falls, or braved the wilds of Antarctica cannot fail to be moved by our planet earth. Whether man made or a natural phenomenon, our heritage is irreplaceable. But it is also under threat as never before. And the biggest threat comes from us – human beings. Tourism, wars, pollution, development, mining, decay and neglect daily threaten some of the most precious places on earth.

Our presenters take us on a trip round the world to explore some of our most endangered places and ask what we can all do to help the world we live in.

Justine Shapiro shows us the beautiful city of Venice, which has slowly been sinking for 1,000 years. Zay Harding witnesses chunks of a glacier melting into the sea in Antarctica as global warming continues to heat up the earth. Ian Wright travels to the Nevada desert outside Las Vegas where A bombs were tested in the 1950s and finds out just how destructive they really were. Adela Ucar visits an ancient Turkish town, Hasankeyf, before it is sunk under the River Tigris as part of plans for a new dam.  Megan McCormick has to fight for a place on the beach in Algarve as she looks at the invasion of tourism that takes place there every year.

The fight for the future of our world starts right here, right now…

Places Mentioned - Antarctica, Portugal, USA

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