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Presenter : Adela Ucar

Globe Trekker: Nigeria

Globe Trekker Adela Ucar begins her journey in the capital of Lagos, an anarchic and electric city with a vital night life. Responsible for giving us Afro Bati, Juju, and Fuji music among Adela Ucar Innerarityother genres. We visit The Shrine, a world famous night club and get a lesson on the Nigerian drums.

Leaving Lagos we visit the south west of the country known as Yoruba Land, once home to one of the most powerful empires on the West African coast, and believed to be home to Queen Sheba’s tomb. In Oyo, we visit the Calabash Carvers in the local market and meet witch doctors who explain traditional charms.

In Oshobogo, the centre of Yoruban art we visit the massive sculptures and monumental shrine to the River goddess Osun. Northern Nigeria is the territory of theFulani people and is predominantly Islamic. We visit the walled old cities of Zaria, Katsina, and Kano which is the oldest city in West Africa. Fifty thousand worshippers attend Friday prayers here at the central mosque. We hunt for bargains in the ancient Kurmi Market, a maze of alleyways and lanes. The Fulanis are a tall, aristocratic tribe, who weave their hair into plaits and mark their bodies and faces. We visit a traditional Fulani village in Chafe.

We end our journey in the eastern highlands of the country, home to deep wooded valleys, waterfalls, the largest mountain in Nigeria, and where at least 4 separate gorilla populations have been discovered in recent years. Last off, we take to the hiking trails and spot a rare mountain gorilla.

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